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Welcome to DeadDrop! The UK’s Urban Adventure Race company. We provide the coolest, most fun, yet highly secretive fitness events on the planet!


Monthly Events

DeadDrop's races are splattered throughout the year, there is always something cool going on. from 5-10k assassination races, to 20k intelligence operations. From 8k zombie runs, to 5k capture the flag games.

WELCOME TO DeadDrop! The UK’s Urban Adventure Race company. We provide the coolest, most fun, yet highly secretive fitness events on the planet!

What is deaddrop

A central London based fitness run with themed secret missions, covering distances from 5k to 15km with friends and other runners. On the run, receive dynamic instructions via the DeadDrop mobile APP to complete your run. Finish with a social beer and medal!

Central London Start Line

Themed Mission

Run 5k to 15km Distances

4-6 Iconic London Landmarks

“Real-Time” Mission Instructions via DeadDrop Mobile APP

Pub and Beer Finish

DeadDrop Medal to brag about

Your chance to be the fun running version of “007”!


what is deaddrop

How it works


DeadDrop events are essentially the cross between a spy film and a 10k road race. It’s best to participate in teams of 2-6 and the rules are pretty simple.

1 – All DeadDrop events are currently held in Central London.

2 – You won’t know the exact start point until a few days before the event date.

3 – One week prior to event, you will receive a series of special DeadDrop APP codes which will allow you to access secret event mission information.

4 – With mission and event information at your fingertips, you will arrive at the event mission location to receive a final briefing before you start!

5 – On the day, all your race tasks are smoothly delivered to your mobile in real time by the Exclusive “DeadDrop APP” while our ex military team on the ground direct you.

6 – You’ll need a sense of humour and some fitness.

7 – Each race finishes with a DeadDrop medal, refreshing beer and a pat on the back by one of the DeadDrop Team.

Our app and tasks are pretty wild, as all of our races include a variety of slick and daring objectives: Agent Contact / Bugging / Tracking / Zombie Chasing / Bounty Hunting / Close Target Reconnaissance / Selfie Taking / Assassination / Counter Surveillance and a lot of urban fitness!

medals 2 finishers 1


DD The zombie disco run
29 Oct 2016
12 Nov 2016
DD santa 2016
17 Dec 2016


DeadDrop corporate events are a fantastic way of bring your team together. We currently have two products which we integrate staff training, espionage and fun into one slick package.

DD corporate enemy within dd SPOT move communicate

Each corporate event is delivered depending on the audience and the professional development needs from the customer. DeadDrop corporate events are an exciting way to really challenge your staff whilst building cohesion and a bond that will stay with them permanently throughout their professional lives.

“The Enemy Within” and “Spot Move Communicate” involve espionage, team interaction, confidence building, a cool backdrop, professional development, various team based activities and lots of fun!

Prices depend on participant numbers and staff development objectives.

DeadDrop also delivers “Clandestine Education Events” which are a creative way to mix fitness, espionage and enriched learning for young people. Events are appropriately differentiated between abilities and link physical activity with the core subjects whilst providing fun!

We have two Education events currently available, one for children and one for teachers:

DeadDrop The Evil Professor      DeadDrop Who Got Gove

“The Evil Professor!” is a fun treasure hunt themed spy mission aimed at KS3. Students have to located an evil professor who has been hiding within the school as a regular teacher. The evil professor is hell bent on stopping learning within their school and students must locate and stop the professor before its too late!

This event links to core subjects and highly fun and interactive with follow up learning! ( We have another KS4 module coming out soon!)

“Who Got Grove?” is an education staff training module combined with a classic “Who Dunnit?”  Teachers must work out the identity of a killer within the school, who has comically murdered “Mikhel Grove” the education minister on a recent school visit. School Leadership always decide the staff training objective for their school and it is always linked to specific school policies.

Prices depend on participant numbers and staff development objectives.


Q: What’s your refund policy?

If you book a place, but don’t turn up on race day because you drank too many beers the previous night then tough cookies.

Q: Should I train for DeadDrop?

Yes and No, DeadDrop Events are extremely inclusive and although we are a fitness based events company, we specialise in looking after people. Ideally as a minimum, you should be able to complete a 5k run or walk in under 2.5 hours.  ( This is super easy).

However, if you train hard and want to smash a 10k and push yourself, DeadDrop is right up your street…..

Q: Who are the staff involved?

All our team are former military instructors, and they have a wide range of experience with challenging tasks out on the ground. They know what it’s like to be challenged rigorously and this is projected on our outlook to each event.

Q: How hard is it really?

It depends on the event in question, its always differentiated depending on your fitness ability. If you are worried whether its too tough just get in touch and we will give you guidance!

Q: How daring is Deaddrop?

Each event is different, and has a different outlook, there is lots of wacky fun, some tasks are super daring and others are simple. You DONT do anything illegal or offensive.

Q: How many people can be in a team?

We recommend teams of 2-6 participants are always the most positive for our events. If you have a bigger team, this is welcomed but it can sometimes take some of the intimacy away etc.

Q: Do I need to be fit to complete deaddrop?

It helps, although it’s not the end of the world if your a bit out of shape, it will just take a bit more time to complete ( we are super patient ).

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